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Compelling Offers Transform Lookers - and Non-Lookers - into Buyers

If you're getting only a sluggish response for a product or service that people genuinely need, wake up your market by creating a hard-to-resist offer. These spark results at your website, in emails, by mail, from the speaking stage and elsewhere. Learn how, with a multitude of success stories, from the downloadable report

Motivating offers make the difference between a marketing piece that evokes a shrug or a "That's nice" thought and one that gets people picking up the phone or clicking the "Buy Now" button.

But even marketers who understand this well often get stuck in a rut, running the same sort of mildly interesting offer over and over again.

Find out which factors have the oomph to intensify interest and desire in your target market, persuading them to take action now.

presents a comprehensive picture of this powerful marketing tool, from the reasons why offers are so effective to tips for testing and refining offers. It's geared to marketers at any level of experience, whether you're promoting your own products and services or the wares of your employer or client.

Here's a sampling of what it gives you:

  • Why "here's what I do" sales copy doesn't work well, regardless of your audience
  • How something that's perceived as priceless but costs you little can make your offer pull like crazy
  • Why an offer for a free five-dollar bill got no response - yes, $5.00 for the asking, no strings attached!
  • The magic of a deadline, inducing even the worst procrastinators to try their darndest to beat the clock 
  • Why it's more challenging than you'd imagine to make an offer clear
  • 31 kinds of offers using pricing, 21 kinds employing bonuses, 10 involving payment terms and 11 types of guarantees
  • Why an imaginative name for an offer attracts orders (compare "a full day at our spa" with "Post-Tax Day Pampering")
  • Warnings about where not to make offers - and why
  • Four tips for testing offers, including why it's essential to try higher prices than you believe people would pay
  • An eight-point checklist for a new offer that helps ensure you've covered all your bases 

Surprising Success Stories, Too

In addition to the wisdom above, seven marketers have contributed never-before-published case studies of offers of theirs that recently elicited responses beyond their expectations. gives you their insightful analyses of why the offers succeeded, along with commentary from author Marcia Yudkin.

The fascinating points that come out in these case studies include:

  • An offer that inspired newsletter subscribers all over North America to collaborate with an expert for mutual benefit
  • An easy but often-neglected venue for offers that generates highly interested prospects who already feel bonded to the marketer
  • How an experienced marketer learned to cater to people who didn't respond to the kinds of offers he himself prefers
  • Why it's not necessary to pile up bonuses - something marketers sometimes do from fear 
  • How the relationship between marketer and audience affects response
  • The necessary ingredients of an irresistible package deal
  • How a profitable, recurring offer emerged from "let's float this idea" experimentation

Praise From a Peer

"I have been studying sales, advertising, and persuasion all my life, and I have never read a more articulate, easy-to-follow plan for turning prospects into customers with compelling ad copy. Marcia presents an entirely new approach to creating the offer, which is the most important part of any sales piece. I guarantee I'll make money with this information!" - Jonathan Mizel, president, CyberWave Media

Marcia also shares six unusual offers she successfully ran in her Marketing Minute newsletter, with comments that help you use them as springboards for your own winning offers.

is a no-fluff downloadable guide that is both practical and inspirational, and it's guaranteed to help your business. If it doesn't ignite at least one unexpected idea that fires you up, ask for a refund and you get back everything you paid.

How much for all the above? Just $29.95.

Order your copy today so you can begin enjoying better marketing results as soon as next week. Really! And remember, your purchase is guaranteed.

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All About Offers

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