Sample Marketing Plan for a Nonfiction Book

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Launch Your New Nonfiction Book Profitably and Confidently Using a Sample Book Marketing Plan as a Model

If you're releasing a new nonfiction book or need ideas on how to revive the fortunes of one that's been out for a while, use this one-year, month-by-month marketing plan for a nonfiction book as a model.

Discover creative ways to reach potential buyers as well as a feasible timetable for generating sustained attention for a book. 

Some features of the sample book marketing plan:

  • Seven components of a media kit to develop and have on hand
  • Three ways to use book blurbs
  • Two categories of people to approach for testimonials and how to use the two categories of resulting blurbs differently
  • How best to handle the sending of review copies
  • Ways to update an existing web site after releasing a new book
  • The most powerful long-term strategy for promoting a nonfiction book and how to implement it
  • How to find hundreds or thousands of online outlets for articles related to your book
  • Four resources for publicity through blogs

"Marcia Yudkin's sample marketing plan for a nonfiction book saved me at least 20 hours of work by providing me with a complete step-by-step year-long marketing plan that I was able to customize for my book within 15 minutes of receiving the downloaded report. The plan is full of great ideas for both a successful initial launch and ongoing marketing efforts to give the book a long life with steady sales.

"Her marketing tactics cover the full gamut of publicity from press releases to speaking engagements to radio interviews and beyond. A solid resource packed with value!" - Caroline Grimm, Author, Stop the Cash Flow Roller Coaster

  • Three resources for identifying radio programs that need guests like you
  • How to find hundreds of online bookstores that might recommend the purchase of your book and how to approach them for best success
  • A manageable way to organize your pursuit of specialized fields
  • The most efficient procedure for finding speaking opportunities to promote your book
  • Month-by-month scheduling of the recommended marketing and publicity tactics
  • Why it works to persist in carrying out the plan even if results do not at first appear to be materializing

"This report made it easy to understand the complexities of marketing a non-fiction book. I'm getting a clearer idea of how to get the message to the right people - the ones who can make the buying decisions! Thanks, Marcia." - Terri Pease, Chicago, IL

A fully customized marketing plan costs $2,995, which means you can save 97% by extrapolating the model plan to your particular situation.  Tame all your "Should I?'s" into "To-do's" with The Sample Book Marketing Plan (which comes with a buy-safe money-back guarantee).

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Sample Marketing Plan for a Nonfiction Book

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