Marketing in Tune With Your Personality

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Imagine Being a Marketing Misfit No Longer!

Learn to Attract Business Your Own Way... Comfortably, Quietly and In Tune With Your Personality

If you're an introvert - someone who loses energy in intensely social situations and gains energy alone - you may be mired in frustration, despair or exhaustion over promoting yourself.

Much of the marketing advice you read and hear feels wrong to you. Or rather, it appears to work for others, but it clashes with intense dislikes you feel or it just doesn't seem to ever get done. Perhaps it's blogging, tweeting, networking or phoning strangers that sticks in your craw, but you know you'd have to be an entirely different kind of person to do those things.

Discover how to achieve success way. 

Stop trying to follow success models unsuited to your natural tendencies. Instead, learn how it's easiest for you to make your mark, attract attention from potential clients and build a reputation while knowing that you are still you. 

Identify Your Personality, Then Tune Marketing to It

The Myers-Briggs test, based on work originally by Carl Jung, sorts you into one of eight introvert personality types, according to how you prefer to take in information, what kind of evidence helps you make decisions and what typically propels you to action.

When you understand these tendencies, you possess valuable clues on how to make marketing less stressful and more enjoyable. You can leverage your natural methods of intriguing others and comfortably let others know why they should do business with you.

Marketing in Tune With Your Personality: A Guide for Introverts tells you how you can find out your Myers-Briggs introvert type at no cost. Then for each personality type, you get a brief profile, specific notables or celebrities who share your temperament (you might want to follow how they blazed their paths!) and a profile of how someone sharing that personality successfully markets themselves.

"As someone running a marketing agency in Britain, I've seen a large percentage of the business population that is introverted and struggling. Marcia's 'Marketing in Tune With Your Personality' approach provides much-needed validation for those who plainly aren't the meet-and-greet type and need to be more successful. This is a desperately overdue public service to the world's economy." - Chris Clark, Managing Director, Clark Marketing Ltd, London, UK,

In addition, you get reflections on the payoff of matching your marketing approach and techniques to your natural style, values and preferences.

Based on both original research and scientifically validated results by others, Marketing in Tune With Your Personality has the potential to turn your head around if you have always hated marketing, to open your eyes to promotional avenues you have heard being pooh-poohed and to bring you increased prosperity and peace of mind.

"Marcia, I am very glad that I purchased your report. It is comforting to know I am not alone. Your marketing recommendations for each type are very practical and helpful, and you have inspired me to stay focused on what is true for me. Thank you. " - Pamela Sophiajohn, St. Marys, OH

Is This Helpful if You Work With Introverts?

If you're not an introvert yourself, but coach or advise introverts, or primarily sell to them, Marketing in Tune With Your Personality is a must-buy. You'll stop insisting clients take actions that turn their stomachs in fear or disgust and know alternatives to suggest.

So yes, it's helpful if you live with, work with or work for introverts, as well as being for introverts themselves.

"Anyone who has a business can benefit from this report, whether or not they're an introvert. It's a valuable reminder about how different marketing tactics and strategies work for different people. " - Linda Popovich, Bothell, WA

Your purchase is protected by a money-back guarantee: If it's not as helpful as you expected, simply request a refund and you'll receive 100% of what you paid.

"I had been feeling overwhelmed by planning tons of marketing activities - so overwhelmed I didn't even get started. This report gave me a different idea of what a successful marketing plan might look like, which changes my efforts considerably. I believe Marcia's information would also be of value to creative types who have been blocked by fears and resistance and who may need 'quiet' marketing methods." - Rebeckah Flowers, Creativity Coach, Tyrone, PA,

Get started on a revolution in your marketing comfort and effectiveness today!

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Marketing in Tune With Your Personality

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