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Going Virtual

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Going Virtual

Marcia Yudkin
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Going Virtual: From Serving Mainly Local Clients to a Practice Filled With Clients You Never Meet

When I reached my 25th anniversary of being successfully self-employed, I was also celebrating 25 years of dealing mainly with clients I never met in person. Much of this remote business experience predated the Internet. So it's a myth that virtual business relationships are a new phenomenon. It also doesn't require a national or international reputation to attract and satisfy clients at a distance, since decades ago, no one had heard of me.

Today it's easier than ever before to build a professional practice without in-person contact with clients. It requires certain attitudes and skills that I explain in detail during a recorded seminar. You also learn precise steps you can take to wean existing clients from face to face contact with you and to begin attracting non-local clients.

Find out whether or not you're suited to virtual business and if so, how to build your at-a-distance practice one easy step at a time.  

The one-hour teleclass, which comes to you as a downloadable MP3 audio file, describes:

  • The three methods I used to attract clients from afar prior to the Internet - methods you can still use today
  • Six practical or personal prerequisites for being able to work with clients without in-person interaction
  • Three ways you can leverage existing local clients to reach out to non-local clients
  • Five business tools that help you seem more credible to clients who will never meet you in person
  • Eight marketing tactics to select from for reeling in national and international clients 
  • Advance warning of the biggest psychological pitfall of dealing with remote clients day in and day out - and how I counteract it

Comments from listeners included:

  • "Bolstered my confidence about going long-distance, with many practical suggestions."
  • "It encapsulated so many of the disparate elements involved in going virtual."
  • "Reassuring!"

Bonus: When you order the audio recording, you also receive a bonus report (in PDF format) containing advice on going virtual from 15 entrepreneurs who have done so. 

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